Monday, July 20, 2015


One of the things I have loved most this summer has been going to the public swimming pool. I loved being at the public pools as a kid, but I remember it was pretty chaotic there, with lots of older kids doing cannonballs right next to you, and lots of shouting, and not a lot of space. I've been delighted to find that at our local pool in Portland, this is not the case. Maybe it's not cool for teenagers to hang out at the pool? It just seems really serene there, and one day a couple weeks ago, it was slightly chillier than our normal 95-100 degrees around here, and when a gray cloud rolled in above, everyone cleared out. Our family literally had the pool to ourselves. Needless to say, we were loving it.

This is the first summer we haven't had what I call a "Dry Summer", which is a phrase not about the outdoor humidity, but about the state of our swimsuits. Penny hasn't really taken to the water very easily, despite her preschool going to the splash fountain daily ("I don't like to get my hair wet," she tells me touching the back of her neck). Half of our public pool is about 2 feet deep, and so calm, and Penny has really started enjoying it. She loves playing with the pool noodles, riding on the floaties, and jumping in from the side, holding both my hands. When she asks me about the people sitting in the chairs, I tell her the lifeguards are there to keep us safe, and she beams from ear to ear. Lulu, of course, is interested in any new experiences, smiling the whole time, barely keeping her tongue in her mouth. When Lulu is happy, her tongue always waggles as she grins from ear to ear. The swimming pool! We'll see you there very soon, again.

Monday, July 13, 2015

In the Berry Fields

Penny and Lulu and I went berry picking. It's something I had been wanting to do all Summer, so we finally donned our cheapy party dresses (why not?) and I took them to a farm to see what we could do, and it was great! The lovely young lady who worked at the barn told us which varieties of berries were thorn-free for little fingers, and it turned out to be a satisfying (and baby-proof) activity. Penny loved picking them, and Lulu loved following Penny - perfect!


I love Lulu's face. She tries so, so hard with everything these days, to be just like the sister she admires so much. And Penny is such a good girl that if Lulu wants to be just like her, we'd be more than thrilled.

On Saturday morning, we made a crumble from this recipe. The girls LOVED prepping it, and they were good at it, too! They measured really well, and mixed it up with their hands, and sprinkled on the topping just like when we make pizza together. I baked it during naptime and when it came out, Lulu wouldn't touch it, an Penny told me it was "scary". SIGH. Oh well, I brought it to a crafternoon with friends, and Mr. Jones and I enjoyed it. It was truly delicious. The girls did like individual berries, though, which is probably a healthier option anyway, right?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Our Fourth. 2015

We had a lovely 4th of July. Did you? We went to the science museum in the morning, which was empty (how lovely!), cooked a spread for friends during naptime, and joined other friends in the park for a picnic in the evening. Perfect! We also met new neighbors, which is what this holiday is about - enjoying other people's company (and their food) and meeting a few people who you might get to know a bit better in coming years. Daddy even dressed as an American Eagle!


At the park, Penny and I watched ducks and once they swam away, I showed her how to skip rocks.

The daddies played Ring Around the Rosie:

Lulu's passion for beanbag toss was unmatched.

So much fun!

PS. Last year's 4th of July (Lulu with no hair! Ahhhh!)
PPS. Two years ago (Little Penny, in the same dress Lulu wore this year!)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer So Far

We've been in the backyard, and in the parks. We've been climbing, and swimming, and splashing. We've been dancing (!!! daddy danced with her) and gardening (basil and coriander went in), and trying not to complain of the weather that's been in the 90s for weeks. We've been with friends, and planning trips, and staying home. It's been a great summer so far, for sure.