Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Queens of the Castle

These girls! They sure are a pair these days. The small one is constantly trying to do everything the bigger one is doing: the slide, the balance beam, the potty. She makes an attempt, calls herself finished, and wants a hand clap as her sister looks on, puzzled. Crowns were given out at the grocery store and a trip to a new park was on the agenda this weekend. The weather was fine and the giggles were aplenty. Our neighborhood is so enchanting, and so, to us, are our girls.


PS. They've come so far from their early park days together!
PPS. Lulu on the balance beam makes me think of Penny's days doing the same!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Penny got her first haircut! She was a bald baby (and toddler) and hasn't needed one up until now, but she came home from preschool saying, "I want to go for a haircut". I knew we wouldn't do well with appointments, so we dropped in at a salon called "Jan and..." (seriously that's what it's called. Mr. Jones joked that there's not much job security there if you're not Jan) and Jan herself was happy to oblige! An iphone was all we had to capture the moment. That, and the lock of hair that Jan gave me for the baby book I plan to make (sometime in 2018, when I have time).

It came out looking really sweet. In the same mall as "Jan and..." is a huge vintage marketplace, where we browsed afterwards. Penny found a cowgirl hat that seemed to suit her haircut nicely.

And...Mother's Day! I got a new hat for gardening and flowers and balloons. Penny was up at 4:45 ready a "the big party" and sorely disappointed when she realized there was no cupcakes in the works. We went to IHOP, my favorite, where she took her raisin bran along with her (we're in a serious, serious raisin bran phase).

Then there's this: Penny and Lulu hold hands in the car now. They love to do it and they love to hear us squeal with delight at the sweetness of it. Inevitably, Penny lets Lulu's hand go first, to play with trinkets she keeps in her cup holder, and I can see Lulu still reaching for her. "My hands are busy now, Lulu," Penny tells her.

Just a few snippets of what's going on right now...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Big Top Animal Hats: Pattern Now Available!

Friends, I'm so excited to tell you that my pattern for Big Top Animal Hats is now available! If you've been coming to this blog for a little while, you might be familiar with these hats, featuring bunnies, bears, and owls that I've knitted for a few years now. I've made them for new babies and expectant moms, alike. Mostly, I've knitted them for my own girls. I've been knitting up so many sizes and colors to work out all the kinks, and I've finally finished the pattern! My friend Emily did a beautiful job on the graphic design, and I'm so excited that it's ready to go.

Here is the bunny version, worn by Penny (size medium) and Lulu (size small). They also wore them on Easter in this post:

I've recently expanded the pattern to include 3 sizes for toddlers, kids, and babies, alike. The pattern is now available for $3.99. If you need a great quick knit for a child you love or a new (or not so new) mama, Big Top Animal Hats are a fast project with lots of charm.

Here is Lulu in the owl version (size small):

Named for their pointy top and a knit/purl pattern reminiscent of a circus tent, Big Top Animal Hats are hats in three different animals - bears, bunnies, and owls, in all 3 sizes. They're worked up on a 16 inch circular needles (size US 3 and 5) and double pointed needles (size US3), in the DK weight yarn of your choice. You can finish them with safety eyes or knotted yarn, your choice!

Here's the bear version on Jack (size large) and Penny (size medium):

If you like to knit quick and easy projects, and know a child who loves bears (Penny loves her bear Chris, like none other) or bunnies ("Pink Baby" is Penny's fave, though "Gray Baby" is a close second) or owls (Lulu loves Dean, her owl; it's her only lovey so far), Big Top Animal Hats are a great way to make the cute small people among us, even cuter :).

You can purchase the pattern by following the link below:

Big Top Animal Hats by Holly Klein (Knit Picks website)

Big Top Animal Hats by Holly Klein (Ravelry download)

I can't wait to see your version! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Vintage Dresses and Smoothie Stands

The girls and I go to play at mostly the same places each week. The way they play there, however, changes each time we go. Slowly, they are starting to play together a bit more. Penny is pretending all the time now - "imaginative play" they call it at pre-school. On this particular day, she had a (pebble) smoothie stand. We just started making smoothies at home, to get in some extra fruit and veggies. And she got customers! It's great to start seeing her interact with kids of a similar age whom she's never met before.

Then, there's Lulu, who does every single thing her sister does. "We're collecting rocks?", I can hear her thinking, "I can do that." "We're jumping off bigger rocks? I'll try it". On and on it goes and in certain moments, they are both perfectly content. Penny has even been known to beg Lulu to play with her. Can you imagine? Only a few months ago, I could have never.

The dress (shirt? It says size 5 so I'm not quite sure) is vintage, bought at the kind of thrift store that sells clothes by the pound. Penny calls it her "costume dress" and I pulled it out of the back of her drawer when she requested a "costume for the play" (even though there was no play). She's terribly pleased with herself when she wears it. Of course, so am I :).

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lulu Was A Little Lamb

I knitted her this hat from an Instagram Knit-a-long. It's the sweetest thing, even if she only keeps it on for 5 seconds at a time. We have next Winter to try it again ;).

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pool Party

You'll never guess what happened (at least that's what Lulu is saying in the photo below)! We got a swimming pool! Well, it's just the $10 inflatable kind, for the backyard. This weekend, it was warm enough to break out the swimsuits and give it a try. The girls loved it!! 

Things got even more exciting when we put the slide right next to the swimming pool. Whoosh! And squeals of cold water delight, ensued.

Such very good times. Summer is going to be amazing.