Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rainbows, Bobbles, and Buttons

Penny Jones is turning 3 this weekend, and her birthday dress (in rainbows, to match her party) is ready to go.
It's an Apple Picking Dress, from Oliver & S. I did the version with long sleeves and only one gathered skirt layer. I changed the pattern to have a larger placket on both sides, to support one larger row of buttons instead of two. I added purple piping, too. She's seen her dress, and loves it. After saying "My birthday is in March" for the past 3 months, and now, "My birthday is SOON", she's still not sure when it is. I love this age.
I couldn't leave out her little sister. So I made Lulu a Bobble Yoke Sweater and used rainbow yarn, chopping and changing it as I needed, to make a the yoke the rainbow I needed (Ravelry link here, for more details).

 I'm sure both garments will last only one day, encrusted with chocolate cake and grass stains from the garden party. But who could mind? This is the happiest dress and sweater, for two girls that are almost always happy.

I'm looking forward to Penny's birthday almost as much as she is!

Monday, March 23, 2015


It's been raining and sunny both, but so mild. Sometimes the sky is pink and purple and blue, and we stare at it from inside, and take a photo to remember.

We have been getting the garden ready for when it's even warmer (and for an upcoming 3rd birthday!). We scoop rocks into buckets, pull leaves from the shrubbery, and take note of the different colored flowers popping through the soil. They make garden boxes with daddy, and are held by him to get a better view.

When it rains, we find our fun inside. Unless, of course, your best friend comes over and you happen to have matching rain suits (thanks, Judy!) since your sister can't fit into hers quite yet. And your best friend wants to go to the park and play, even though it's raining. Then, of course, you go. And you talk about it for weeks afterward.

Things are really getting fun around here. Happy Spring!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Candy Dots Baby Blanket: Pattern Available Now!

Thanks so much for your interest in my original post for the Candy Dots Baby Blanket. I'm excited to announce that the pattern is now available!

Made from single crochet with bobbles that harken back to the classic candy, this blanket is made in fingering weight/4 ply yarn, but can easily be up-sized in any weight to create a larger afghan or blanket!

The pattern includes the standard yarn and hook requirements, as well as a full photo tutorial on how to complete the color changes, bobble rows, and following single crochet rows. Even if you're new to the craft, I'm confident it will teach you everything you need to know to crochet this fun project.

You can purchase my Candy Dots Baby Blanket in the following two places (click on them to follow the links):

The Knit Picks Independent Designer Program Project Page 

The Ravelry Project Page (for which you must be a Ravelry user)

I hope you enjoy making the blanket. I've really enjoyed publishing the pattern, and am anxiously awaiting feedback. I can't wait to see some Candy Dots Blankets out in the world. They make life just a little bit sweeter, don't you think?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

At a Push

"At a push" you could say that these sisters get along well. They do everything siblings do: they get angry at each other and fascinated by each other, and they don't want to be without each other. This weekend it was gloriously warm. We spent our days in the parks, sometimes two parks in one day. Penny wanted to push Lulu on the swing for the very first time.
Penny really likes being a big sister. Each morning when Lulu wakes up she greets her with "Hi, Little Sister!". She calls Lulu "cute". She tries to tickle her. Lulu loves every moment. Penny is her idol. 

Penny and her daddy love to kick the soccer ball together. There is yelling, and squeals of delight (from both of them). The greatest thing about Penny right now is her language, which is almost perfect. Sometimes, though, she gets her words wrong, in the best possible way. 

When Penny wants to tell me she's having fun, she'll yell, "Mama, look at me and Daddy. We're being funny!" Yes, Penny! We're all being funny a lot these days, having so much fun together. Penny and Lulu, at 14 months and almost 3 - really "funny" ages.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cold Wind, Warm Hearts

We go from loving time outdoors, to wrapping up and yelling, "It's cold out here!" and running inside or to the car. The wind blows but the sun shines. It's still Winter, and so very hard to believe.


PS. Lulu wears Cream Puff Sweater, formerly worn by Penny.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fimma Bright

I made a bright colorwork sweater called "Fimma", for one of the girls (Ravelry link here, free pattern here). I'm not sure which daughter will wear it because this winter seems too mild for anyone to need more wool sweaters. It's sized a bit big too, so perhaps Penny will wear it next winter, perhaps Lulu will wear it in years to come. It was a blast to make, and I'm really happy with how it came out. 

In an ideal world of perfectly fitted garments, Penny will wear this one when Lulu fits the neon vest I knitted a while back. It probably won't work out like that, but wouldn't it be great?

Penny is under the weather, fevered and sweaty and tucked in the covers, watching her favorite cartoon. At least we can look toward brighter days as I put this sweater away for another winter. It seems like here in the Northwest, we're headed right to Spring.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

On the Move

We are here! Sorry for the absence. We've been everywhere, and yet nowhere new, really, at all. It's been raining a lot. We've been out at our favorite museums and play areas and restaurants, and in the house playing with tiny characters, making forts, and climbing on pillows. It's been mild outside. We've been on foot, on scooter, on tricycle, and in cars. We've been on the move and then home, and cozy. It's winter in the Pacific Northwest, with a one and a two year old girl.

In motion:

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Candy Dots, Coming Soon!

Remember when I mentioned that one of my New Year's Resolutions was to publish some of my own knitting and crochet patterns? Well, I wanted to give you a sneak peak of one I've been working on for some time.  

Inspired by the classic candy, I designed a cheerful baby blanket that's easy to make and so much fun to own! Done in almost all single crochet, the pattern will include full pictorial instructions. Stay tuned, it's almost done. I can't wait until it's out in the world!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lulu, Lately

Lucille Jones has made some major changes these days. I think age 1 is suiting her! The holidays have past and we're back to our routine, but things with the girls are definitely different! After getting four teeth and a bad cold, Lulu's sleep patterns went from bad to worse. Then, we got a plan together and we're on the upswing, I guess for now. By that, I mean we've had a few nights of better rest (a few in a year, so that's really a few) but we're happy with whatever we can get!

Lulu's hair is a source of great joy to me. Penny spent her babyhood bald, and Lulu's is the cutest shortest little 'do. It goes from proper bedhead to a cute pageboy, to a genuine mullet. I like to stay tuned to the latest :).

The eating. Oh gad, the eating. We've had so little interest in any of it. Then out of the blue, a love of cheese. I'll take it! There's a slight sampling of other things, but also a lot of rubbing food on the floor and shaking her head "no" at all the options. I bet she's learned this from her sister :(.

She's such a sweet girl, this Lulu. Penny has definitely noticed that Lulu is growing up. If you call Lulu a baby, her sister will say, "Lulu is not a baby! She's a WOBBLER now". It's true, she is a "Wobbler" at daycare - laughing and painting and walking and falling and having a great time with her best friends Calvin and Dennis, among others. Now she walks more than she crawls, and she reacts to everything, most of all her sister. She has so many expressions - her critical eyebrows, her angry determination, and her cheeky, coy grin. I like to watch them all, and I do. She's such a fun baby...I mean WOBBLER.