Friday, November 21, 2014

Made, Given, Worn...For Fall!

I've made some things for some of us lately: a hat for the older one, a cowl for me, and some pants for the baby. We've been wearing them a lot! Penny's (free) hat pattern is here, my (free) cowl pattern is here, and Lulu's pants were made from Simplicity 1566, which I had left over from making their Halloween costumes. I was sent the cute Cath Kidston puppy fabric from England (thanks, Trish!).

The funniest thing is that it's really confused Penny. The teachers at school tell me that she picks things up, toys and whatnot, and tells them "Mommy made this". She won't believe them when they tell her I didn't. It feels like a big compliment, but not bigger than the joy I feel when she wears what I make, and really loves it.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Walk

We took a Fall walk around the neighborhood. The walking was slow, with a lot of exploration along the way. I made Lulu a cashmere sweater coat (Ravelry details here and also blogged about here) and she wore it while poking in the leaves...

 while her sister poked in the shrubbery....
...and they came back together to compare notes.
Penny found sticks, and colored the mossy walls,

and found a tree to play hide and seek in.

We found her. The games continue...

though the weather is supposed to turn dramatically colder in the next few days. It's also been raining a whole lot, too. We're so happy to get these Autumn walks in while we can! Especially with these two girls, who always find adventures, if just outside the door.

Monday, November 3, 2014

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

We dressed up as The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who for Halloween. Max (the dog) was there, too. It was a big hit, can't you tell?
No, really, they did liked it! Here's the evidence:

First we went to Playgroup at a local community center. It was Penny's first time there (that she can remember) and she LOVED IT. We'll be going back.

Then we headed off to Storytime at our old library. I love seeing kids walking through the streets on Halloween in their costumes. Everyone is smiling, too. It's so much fun!
The children's librarian is the BEST. Penny loved this book so much. We'll have to borrow it....
She loves the songs, too. We're in a real music phase right now. Penny sings constantly!
I think their costumes cost me no more than $10 total to make. Lulu's was a repurposed peapod outfit from the thrift store. I fixed it up and added a shirt made from this pattern. Penny's was a nightgown from this pattern made with pink fabric I had in my stash. I added elastic at the bottom and cuffs, and went crazy with a fabric marker to make a removable collar. I also found Max at the thrift store for $2.99. Done!

In the evening, there was a party at the girls' daycare. Penny was slightly confused as to why we were at "school" at night. It was pretty adorable to see their friends in costume, and so great to see the girls socialize so much, as they knew all the teachers, and the kids. Then we went home, had bath time, and as Penny would say "Halloween, OVER!" No candy given out, no trick-or-treating quite yet. Just three fun events and two tired girls (and their parents). So much fun!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lulu at 10 Months

Lucille Jones turned 10 months old recently. It's hard to find photos of her that I haven't published on this blog as of late, but this evening in front gave us some lovely images.
The only thing to say about Lulu is how much she wants to be like us (and by us, I mean mostly her sister).  She wants to walk (or run), climb on things, eat solid foods. She's not ready to do any of it (only 1 tooth so far!), but it sure doesn't stop her from trying. She is busy all day keeping up. At daycare she's running circles around the babies in her room. While they're sitting eating their purees, Lulu is climbing up stairs and sliding down slides. Totally independent, completely smiley and sweet, this baby is steaming toward toddler-hood.
She claps when her sister sings songs. She plays drums and stacks blocks. She washes her own hair in the bath and she throws her head back with joy when something delights her. She also lets you know, with a short-lived (but loud) tantrum when something does not (namely: diaper changes, clothes changes, and taking away anything dangerous to which she has helped herself)!

She has a glint in her eye that makes her constantly grab her sister's toys, and giggle when Penny looks shocked and steals them back. Lulu, we can't wait to see what kind of little girl you'll become. You're already such a character! Now if only you would let yourself SLEEP ;).
PS. Penny at 10 months.
PPS. Lulu wears her Loose Change top.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Phone Home

I'm one to bring the big, digital, SLR camera with me to many family outings. When I don't, or when Mr. Jones is out with one of the girls alone, sometimes he captures the funniest and sweetest moments with his phone camera. Here's the best them, lately:

Mr. Jones and I have laughed for many hours looking at this (classic) photo. We spent so many, many hours in the park this Summer. Most of them were great, but this photo sums up those that were not. There's something about our toddler having to be pushed "just right" by the parent of her choosing...if it's not executed to her liking, this is what you get:

Penny loves puddles (but only in boots!). This big one sure looks daunting...

but she made it through unscathed.

Maybe your child doesn't know what a pay phone is, but my toddler loves them. It's like a water fountain - anytime we see one, we have to indulge. Here she's calling her best friend Yay-ya, trying to set up a playdate (the upside down phone doesn't help).

What did we do without camera phones? I sure am grateful when we capture moments like these!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Party at the Farm

Last weekend we were invited to a two year old's birthday party at a farm. It was such a gorgeous day and we had such a lovely time. I dressed Penny in a handmade dress and a handknit sweater, and she loved both! Bonus. She also loved running in the rows of sunflowers. Mr. Jones was out of town, so "Frank's Dadda", our friend Dean, filled in nicely.

She also enjoyed other activities like sniffing flowers, looking at gourds, picking up specs of dirt...what Toddler doesn't love a farm?

The birthday boy, Teo, had a grand time, too. He took hay rides and picked pumpkins. There was freshly roasted corn on the cob and bagels and cupcakes. Who wouldn't love to have an October birthday if it meant all of this


I really love a kid's birthday party. Seeing all the kids together is always a beautiful sort of chaos.

Lulu time!

When Mr. Jones got home, Penny immediately started telling him about our time at the farm, starting with the "big big big big PIG with the big, big, big, big NOSE". I'll never forget her face when she rattled off those 'big's. Totally hilarious. 

I think the sunflowers were my favorite part. Thank you, Cecelia and Tory, for inviting us to such a memorable and beautiful party!

Thursday, October 9, 2014


I wanted to catch up on some projects I've made lately that have been made/given/worn by little ones I know. You'll remember "Junior". He was the first cloud pillow that I made for my favorite 5 year-old. I ended up making a duplicate of him as well as a rainbow blanket, for Lulu (Ravelry link HERE). They both make her crib area just a bit more charming.

Penny wore her Balloon Pants toward the end of Summer. I'm going to take them into Fall with some tights underneath. I loved them, and when standing in front of our new wallpaper she looks similar to the Japanese craft books I so revere.

I recently finished a gray rainbow sweater for her, too (Ravelry link HERE). She's been wearing it on the crisp mornings lately, and to special events around town (more on that, to come).

Speaking of special, I entered my Sasquatch Sweaters into the Oregon State Fair's Original Knitting Pattern Competition and won second place! I love these sweaters, and want to make a few more in coming months, as well as publish the pattern. Here's their original post (and here's my other second prize win, for my HarVest - a free pattern).

Next up is Halloween costumes, of course. This is the first Halloween I'll be dressing two children, and the second Halloween the adults in this family will be completely ignored :). The good thing is that we're still in the territory where the babies don't understand Halloween, nor have any opinion of what they should be! The fun will be all mine ;).